[1.0] Community Rules:
[1.1] Don’t judge admin actions: We are constantly working for the benefit of the                      server. Be polite.
[1.2] Don’t insult, advertise.
[1.3] Don’t spread wrong info about server.
[1.4] No frequent complaints about bugs or lags: If you found a bug, please, add info                about that in our discord. (Ticket) Bugs can be caused by game, and for often -                  server can’t fix it.
[1.5] No complaints about your pvp: It’s a PvP server, where INEQUALITY is main part                of the game. Your resources/dino/structures - your care.
[2.0] Game Rules:
[2.1] No hacks, exploits, scripts, bugs: If you see someone using this, please, fill this                  form and send to admin / discord.
[2.2] No toxic / already exiting words in player, tribe, dino name.
[2.3] No structure spam: Prohibited spam unused / non-fonctional buildings (for                        exemple, buildings left after taming Small area capture allowed!
[2.4] No spawn blocks: Prohibited building on resource spawns
[2.5] No genocyde: Genocyde not allowed! Frequent terrorization of low-level players                or players, the overall in-game level of which is significantly inferior to in-game                  level of the aggressor; Frequent raids of the same players / tribes with the killing            of all or almost all dino (the destruction of non-fighting dino standing on the                    passive is not welcome or the destruction of all property in order to prevent                        playing. BUT, if low-level tribe is agressive -> this rule will be decreased
[2.6] No Griefing":"Its a PvP Server but theres a code of honor, New players Have the                right to exist and dedicated tribes who wipes beginners going to get warned and            in the worst case might end up in a ban",
[2.7] No insiding":" Insiding is completely forbidden, this includes but is not limited to;            leaving a tribe and taking items with you without tribe leader consent, disabling              defences to allow entry to another tribe or causing destruction from within the                base prior or after leaving the tribe. Whoever the tribe leader is has full                                ownership and can do with the tribe and its roster as they please. It is your                        responsibility to ensure you are in a trustful tribe, and if you wish to leave a tribe              and take items with you then you must disclose it with your tribe leader first",
[2.8] No Teaming":"Tribes are not permitted to team when it comes to PvP. This                        includes but is not limited to things suich as; Joint raids against one or more                      tribes (8 v 4 etc), defending a tribe from another tribes attacks to provide mutual            defences, coordinated attacks and more",
[2.9] Legitimate Character Name":"It is forbidden to use any symbols not found in the            English alphabet. You also may not call your character human,123"
[3.0] Building:
[3.1] Undermesh building not allowed: But, this rule don’t target turrets, if turrets                      placed only for defence. Turrets, that placed in undermesh couldn’t shoot over                  undermesh.